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The Catholic Mama

May 18, 2019

As more states legislate to outlaw abortion, we can expect more and more internet, television, and in-person debates on whether or not the government has a right to prohibit abortion. Many of these debates devolve into name calling, science denying, and sensationalist arguments that are altogether unproductive.

In this episode of The Catholic Mama, Christine and husband Pat respond to a recent segment of abc's "The View" in which the co-hosts perpetuate many of the same old flawed pro-choice tropes and discuss how to approach and debunk these emotion-filled arguments in a logical, charitable, but strong way. 

For further learning, listen to this bonus podcast episode with Peter Koch, a bioethicist and professor of philosophy at Villanova University. As well as this episode on "The Pro-Life Arguments You Need to Know." 


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