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The Catholic Mama

Jan 29, 2019

Moms and dads know - bringing little ones to church can be STRESSFUL. In this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast, Christine is joined by soon-to-be published children's book author Steph Hampton on strategies, tips, and tricks for getting children to be well-behaved in church, plus offer solidarity to parents...

Jan 25, 2019

Without being able to explicitly see God, what can we learn about Him? Through His constant seeking of us and our draw towards Him, as well as study of the things He created, we are able to know much.

In this mini-episode, Christine discusses man's desire for God, our knowledge of Him, and the knowledge of Him that the...

Jan 22, 2019

Christine sits down with "Husband Pat" to discuss everyone's favorite subject: Sin LOLOL 

But on the other side of our turning away from God, there is His absolute Mercy and forgiveness. And the way to know and feel this mercy is through one of the sacraments He gave us - reconciliation. 

In this episode, discover the...

Jan 18, 2019

God created all things to be good, including his angels. They accompany us in this life, and they were present, attentive, and celebratory during the life of Jesus as well. 

Yet there were others who fell, including the one who whispered seductive things into our first human parents' ears in the Garden of Eden.

What is...

Jan 15, 2019

Christine is joined by unapologetically apologetics enthusiast Leah Moler in this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast to discuss a dirty and loaded word in today's society: Feminism. 

Can you be a Catholic and be a feminist? What does "feminism" actually mean? Listen in to this episode to see if you're ready as a...